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About Güralp

Established in 1985, Güralp is a leading global provider of broadband seismic instrumentation and monitoring systems. Our sensitive broadband seismometers and accelerometers record movements and vibrations in the Earth's crust resulting from natural phenomena, such as earthquakes and volcanos, and events caused by human activity, such as induced seismicity and nuclear weapons tests.  Our customers are mainly research institutes, universities, government departments, civil engineering firms and commercial enterprises in the energy sector. We provide a full range of products and services including:

> Supply of instrumentation
> Bespoke engineering and system design
> Supply of turnkey seismic monitoring systems
> Field services, including integration testing and commissioning
> Project management
> Maintenance and after sales support
> Summary data analysis
> Quality Control
> Compliance monitoring solutions

We offer standardised products for surface, ocean bottom, and borehole applications, including data acquisition hardware and user interface software. We can also undertake bespoke design for more complex projects.

We achieve global reach through our network of trusted international distributors who deliver additional local expertise and knowledge.

To date, Güralp has supplied over 25,000 seismic instruments to customers across all continents and deployed over 500 ocean bottom instruments in all major ocean basins.

Based 50 miles outside London, we employ over 110 committed staff members who design and build all our instrumentation in our UK manufacturing facilities.


Quality, Health, Safety and Protection of the Environment

Güralp operates a quality management system that is certified to ISO9001:2015 requirements. Our dedicated in-house quality team ensures we maintain the highest standards across the business at all times. Our philosophy of continuous improvement across all functions of the business delivers enhanced service to our customers.

We take the health and safety of our staff and those that might be affected by our actions very seriously. We have a highly trained field service team with certification for working in a variety of locations around the world including offshore.

Contact Güralp to find out more about our quality, health, safety and environmental practices.

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