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Güralp has been supplying high performance seismic monitoring solutions for nearly thirty years. To date we have shipped over 10,000 instruments, many of which are delivering valuable measurement data at this very moment. Our instruments are installed in over forty countries across all seven continents and in all major ocean basins around the world. Guralp instruments have become the de-facto standard for broadband seismic monitoring.

We have selected a small set of example projects to illustrate our capability.

Contact us to find out more about particular case studies or to understand our track record in a particular application or industry.

ocean bottom deployment 300 x 200


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Oil & Gas

Deep water seismic exploration in Australia - NEW

Passive seismic imaging in Uganda - NEW

Oilfield life of field microseismic monitoring in the Caspian Sea

Oil field noise survey - Abu Dhabi

Gas pipeline monitoring in Korea

Gas pipeline monitoring in UK


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Seismic hazard estimation in Kyrgyzstan - NEW

Underwater volcano monitoring - USA - NEW

Swedish national network

US array

Turkish national network



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Nuclear power plant monitoring ocean bottom cabled network

Geothermal induced seismicity monitoring in Germany


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Strong motion building monitoring

Culturally significant buildings

Dam monitoring in Romania

Rail infrastructure monitoring in Korea






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You can view our case studies to find out more about how our instrumentation is used around the world.



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