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02 October 2018 Published in blog
Media Release Güralp Systems Ltd, the leading global provider of seismic monitoring instrumentation and solutions, has agreed a new distribution partnership with JSC “Bancomzvjazok” (BKC) for the country of Ukraine. BKC, based in Kiev, has 25 years of experience in information technology, and offer their customers a range of technological solutions in Ukraine. Its main activities are: technological monitoring systems, integrated security systems, border control systems, complex telecommunication systems, and alternative energy sources. "We are very pleased to become the exclusive partner of Güralp in Ukraine. We are sure that partnership with the world's leading manufacturer of broadband measuring instruments and monitoring systems will open up new horizons so that can provide our customers with high quality, reliable solutions from Güralp. Since the main goal of our company is “Making your life safer”, we are confident that in cooperation with Güralp we will do just that!” said Mykola Kurhan, Director…
06 July 2018 Published in blog
 Media Release Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), a University of Victoria initiative, successfully deployed a string of three cabled Güralp Maris ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) as part of the first leg of their 2018 ‘Wiring the Abyss’ expedition aboard Canadian Coast Guard Ship the 'John P. Tully'. The deployment formed part of a two week project to install and improve instrumentation on the offshore cabled observing networks at Barkley Canyon, Cascadia Basin, Endeavour and Clayoquot Slope in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. The Güralp OBS were deployed at Endeavour, the northern segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, a divergent boundary between the Pacific and Juan de Fuca tectonic plates. The instruments were positioned at a depth of approximately 2200 m adjacent to hydrothermal vents that have formed along the ridge, and were lifted into place using the Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility’s remotely operated vehicle for ocean science—ROPOS. One of benefits of…
12 June 2018 Published in blog
 Media Release   Güralp Systems Ltd is proud to announce successful transition to ISO9001:2015 certification by Socotec Certification International for the quality management system covering its design and manufacture of low noise broadband seismometers, accelerometers, digitisers and networking equipment for science and engineering; and for the management of customer owned seismic stations. The audit conducted during May 2018 confirmed that the management system is in compliance with the ISO9001:2015 standard and noted the progress made since initial certification was obtained. This recognition from an independent third party for the 10th year running is the result of a determined joint effort from everyone in the company. It confirms Güralp’s commitment to its current and prospective customers, investors, suppliers and other parties interested in quality. Chief Executive, Chris Potts commented: "Delivering high quality products and customer satisfaction is fundamental to the future of our business so our successful transition to ISO 9001:2015…
16 May 2018 Published in blog
 Media Release In 2017, Güralp employees were proud to present funds they had raised to Fir Tree Lodge, one of two nearby residential homes, run by Charity SeeAbility that provides support for people living with multiple disabilities and sight loss. Following the presentation, our staff were so moved and inspired by the residents of Fir Tree House that it was agreed that fundraising efforts in the lead up to Christmas 2017 should again be for SeeAbility. We are pleased to say that our generous employees exceeded their earlier record and raised an impressive £505, a figure that was further boosted by the company, to bring the total to £750. Earlier this year, a small group of Güralp staff visited Heather House, the second of the local residential homes run by SeeAbility, to meet the residents and staff and to present the cheque. Heather House specialises in providing support for young…
11 May 2018 Published in blog
Media Release Güralp Systems Ltd, the leading global provider of seismic monitoring instrumentation and solutions, has announced a new exclusive distribution partnership for the territory of China with Beijing Ouhualian Science & Technology (BOST). BOST have a very successful track record in delivering geotechnical products such as ground-penetrating radar (GPR) equipment and geotechnical monitoring instruments to the Chinese market. They also supply active sources for subsurface imaging. Commenting on the new arrangement, Liu Yu, General Manager of Beijing Ouhualian Science & Technology said, "Güralp is world leader in the design and manufacture of broadband seismometers. BOST is very pleased to fully support Güralp end-users in China and introduce the excellent instruments to new customers.” The expansion of the BOST product range to include Güralp seismic instrumentation is a natural fit for their business and both Güralp and our customers will benefit from BOST’s wealth of experience in academic, engineering and…
14 February 2018 Published in blog
Media Release Güralp Systems Ltd, the leading global provider of seismic monitoring instrumentation and solutions, has further strengthened its distribution network with a new distributor within the EMEA region. Having worked successfully with IFIPCO for a number of years on a project by project basis, we are pleased to formerly recognise IFIPCO as our new exclusive distributor for Greece. IFIPCO was established in 1965 by John Fourniadis, a PhD meteorologist and former Air Force pilot. Over the years IFIPCO has been involved in supplying and commissioning a variety of high profile monitoring systems in the fields of seismology, meteorology, radioactivity, structural health and transportation. With a strong focus on after service support, the addition of IFIPCO to our pool of distributors reflects our commitment to working with distribution partners who can assist in bringing sophisticated Güralp seismic instrumentation to the global marketplace whilst providing first class customer service. “We are…



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