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09 August 2016 Published in blog
Response Statement: Security is a key priority in the design of all Güralp hardware and software. Recent media coverage has highlighted an investigation carried out in Costa Rica into potential vulnerabilities of seismic systems from the threat of hackers. We are continually reviewing the security arrangements and guidance we have in place for networking of our products and software. We would like to reassure customers that as long as our security guidance is followed, customers can mitigate the risks associated with the type of hacking methods used in the investigation. Any instrument on a network is only as secure as the network itself. Once the instruments are exposed to the internet, the network operators are responsible for adhering to Güralp product guidance and network security good practice to protect their systems from hackers. The Güralp guidance recommends that users undertake the following when using all Güralp digital products: Change factory…
05 July 2016 Published in blog
Media Release Güralp Systems Ltd, the leading global provider of seismic monitoring instrumentation and solutions, has agreed a new distribution partnership with Calgary-based company Global Seismic Repairs Inc (GSR). Covering Western Canada, the arrangement will enhance existing Güralp representation in the North America region. GSR is a technology-focused seismic solution provider with more than one hundred combined years of technical experience and strong links to the global oil and gas industry. Specialist services include sales and repairs of oil and gas industry seismic equipment; lease of seismic equipment and re-certification of instrumentation used in land seismic acquisition. "GSR is excited to be able to provide the distribution of Guralp instruments in conjunction with the assistance of Rob Kendall of Kendall Geophysics Ltd. Guralp’s reputation as a best-in class seismic instrument manufacturer makes this a great partnership.” said Douglas Goble, President of GSR Chris Potts, Executive Chairman of Güralp, adds: “Doug…
04 July 2016 Published in blog
Media Release Güralp Systems Ltd, the leading global provider of seismic monitoring instrumentation and solutions, is proud to be sponsoring the Explosive Earth exhibit by the University of Cambridge at the 2016 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London from the 4th – 10th July. The Explosive Earth exhibit showcases research in the field of volcano seismology, specifically the 30,000 earthquakes that led up to a spectacular six-month eruption in Iceland in 2014. The study utilised an array of 70 Güralp seismometers as well as other geophysical instrumentation to monitor the earthquakes. The study is instrumental in developing understanding of the physical processes that occur in volcanic systems prior to an eruption which is important for eruption forecasting. The study also has potential to shed light on triggering seismicity resulting from geological engineering such as near geothermal areas or hydraulic fracturing sites. Professor Bob White of Cambridge University commented "The…
11 May 2016 Published in blog
Media Release Güralp, the leading global provider of force feedback seismic equipment is launching a new low-power, portable digitiser that allows users access to data and instrument controls via Cloud technology. The Güralp Minimus is a small, portable, 24 bit, four channel digitiser packed with a host of features that make it the ideal plug and play solution for rapid deployments. Offering multidisciplinary functionality, the Minimus can simultaneously accommodate an analogue seismic sensor; an infrasound input for capture of airborne shock; a digital Radian posthole or borehole feed; and its own internal MEMS accelerometer. Integrated Ethernet connectivity allows the Minimus to be controlled remotely using Güralp’s new Discovery software platform (free to download) or via a standard web browser. The benefit of Discovery is that it allows the user to identify the instrument IP address via a Cloud registry server without the need for static IP address arrangements. Discovery also…
14 April 2016 Published in blog
Media Release Güralp, the leading global provider of force feedback seismic monitoring instrumentation is launching a new generation, feature-rich, subsurface seismometer that delivers ‘plug-in-and-go’ installation for boreholes up to 2000 m deep and shallow posthole applications. The Radian is a broadband, triaxial, digital seismometer designed using a state of the art sensor that means it can operate at any angle. This capability combined with its compact form; unique data capture and instrument management features makes it ideal for rapid and temporary seismic deployments, especially in areas of high cultural noise. Phil Hill, Engineering Director at Güralp explains the design approach to the Radian: “We understand how dramatically noise performance improves with deployment in the subsurface, but it can be time consuming and expensive to undertake. With the Radian we set out to design an instrument that would provide the sub-surface broadband coverage the geophysical community wants, but in a much…
05 April 2016 Published in blog
Media Release Güralp Systems Ltd, the leading global provider of seismic monitoring instrumentation and solutions, has announced a new distribution partnership with the Massachusetts-based company Weston Geophysical Corp. The United States represents an important market for Güralp, and the partnership agreement will benefit the timing of a number of new product launches planned for 2016. Weston brings a long and successful history in seismic monitoring research and field deployments to its new partnership with Güralp. The company’s expertise in explosion and earthquake seismology across a broad range of real-world applications will help ensure successful solutions for customers with specific monitoring objectives. “We are delighted to welcome the Weston Geophysical team on board and look forward to working with them to further strengthen our position in the US market”, said Chris Potts, Executive Chairman of Güralp Systems Ltd. "Güralp is world-renowned for the quality of its instrumentation and customer service. We…

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