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02 July 2015 Published in blog
19 May 2014 Published in blog
Today, Güralp Systems announced the successful deployment of an array of ocean-bottom nodes as part of a 3D active marine seismic survey off the coast of Australia. The nodes have extended the aperture of the streamer survey from eight to thirty kilometres. Güralp, in conjunction with their Australian representatives at the Seismology Research Centre, have recently supplied an array of twenty ocean-bottom seismic nodes to the Australian Geophysical Observing System (AGOS). Following a test in shallow water, the nodes were deployed for one week over an oil field on the North West Australian margin in a water depth of 1100 metres, within the area of a 3D marine seismic survey. Seismic signals from the survey were recorded to offsets in excess of thirty kilometres and could have been recorded to even larger offsets, had the acquisition geometry allowed larger separations between sources and receivers. Alexey Goncharov at Geoscience Australia commented, “This…



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