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07 December 2017 Published in blog
Minimus seismic digitiser: Increased functionality and a new eight channel version Following the success of the Minimus launch in 2016, Güralp, the leading global provider of force-feedback seismic monitoring instrumentation, has extended its capabilities with a host of additional features and is launching an eight channel version for multi-instrument stations at the AGU 2017 Fall Meeting. Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) and Structural Health monitoring capabilities The Minimus met an enthusiastic response following its launch in 2016 and since then, significant energy has been invested in further developing the digitisers’ capabilities. New out of the box features include the incorporation of industry standard triggering algorithms for EEW (STA/LTA), multi-instrument voting to mitigate false positive alerts and the Minimus is now Common Alert Protocol (CAP) for automated emergency warning. These new features make the Minimus particularly attractive for EEW and structural health monitoring applications. New Minimus+ with eight primary digitisation channels For…
07 December 2017 Published in blog
Software Release Güralp Systems are pleased to announce the release of version 4.6 of Scream!, the leading software application for Seismometer Configuration, REaltime Acquisition and Monitoring. The new version offers improved spectrograms and WaveView windows, integration with Google Maps/Google Earth and a host of other features. As with previous releases, this edition is freely available to the end user and is compatible with the full Güralp product range. You can read more about the 4.6 release here. Existing Scream! users have been notified by email of the new release; new customers should send an email to for instructions for accessing the free download, stating any institutional affiliation and the type(s) of equipment with which the software will be used.    
30 August 2017 Published in blog
Media Release Güralp Liber Ocean Bottom Seismometers record migration calls of pygmy blue whales off the coast of Australia and pave way for environmentally responsible exploration. A fleet of Güralp Liber Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) maintained by Geoscience Australia, funded through AuScope and managed by ANSIR - Research Facilities for Earth Sounding, have recorded the calls of pygmy blue whales as they migrate along the Western Australia coast. As well as demonstrating that the whales stay further from the coast than previously thought, the research has identified an opportunity to test seismic source modelling to ensure environmentally responsible exploration. The Australian Liber OBS that were deployed are housed in titanium and can remain on the seafloor continuously recording for up to 12 months. They can be commanded to return to the surface using an acoustic communication link. Each OBS incorporates a Güralp 6T-OBS 3-component broadband (0.0167 Hz–100 Hz) seismometer, with…
03 July 2017 Published in blog
Media Release   Güralp Systems Ltd, the leading global provider of seismic monitoring instrumentation and solutions, has agreed a new distribution partnership with Pretoria-based company Global Technical Solutions for southern and central regions of Africa covering South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Rwanda.   Global Technical Solutions has extensive knowledge in seismic stations used for Global Teleseismic networks; Micro-Seismic networks as needed for Nuclear siting projects; Reservoir Induced seismic networks; Mining and Civil construction projects.   The company’s services include: comprehensive site survey (pre-installation); station design, security and construction; equipment installation and maintenance; training and logistics.   "Global Technical Solutions is very excited to be part of the Guralp distribution family, we are looking forward to providing high-quality modern equipment and professional services to clients in southern and central African regions” said Jacques Pretorius, Director   Global Technical Solutions is the latest in a series of…
26 June 2017 Published in blog
Güralp employees raise £470 for SeeAbility, a charity that supports people with sight loss and multiple disabilities. Güralp employees, (left to right) Wayne Noon, Sue Hearne, Garry Gromowski-Cook and Debra Barber, were delighted to present a local residential home run by charity SeeAbility, with a cheque for £470.00. The money was raised over the Christmas period through an alternative Christmas card programme, where employees donated funds instead of buying cards for their colleagues. This initiative raised an impressive £324 which was then topped up with £145 by the company. Fir Tree Lodge, based just a mile from Güralp’s headquarters in Aldermaston, is one of a number of residential homes throughout the South of England run by SeeAbility.  The home provides support for adults with a range of disabilities and complex needs, specialising in supporting and assisting people with sight loss. The cheque was presented following a short tour of the amazing…
11 April 2017 Published in blog
Media Release Guralp Systems Limited is pleased to be a sponsor of the British Seismological Meeting (BSM) 2017 held from the 5 - 7th April 2017 in Reading, United Kingdom. The BSM aims to bring together seismologists from across the UK and abroad to present and discuss a wide range of seismological research. Session topics at the conference included the rise of induced seismicity, investigating unusual signals and the issues that arise from managing big data amongst others. BSM 2017 was organised by the International Seismological Centre, a non-governmental organization charged with the final collection, analysis and publication of standard earthquake information from all over the world. Following the success of the event, planning for a follow up event in 2019 is under way.   ENDS MEDIA ENQUIRIES TO: For urgent enquiries please call 020 3727 1000 and speak to Fergus Wheeler, Louisa Feltes or Jess Gill.     …



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