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Our sensors employ the principle of a negative force feedback to minimise the motion of the mass and keep it centred within the seismometer frame. This technology vastly extends the bandwidth and linearity of the seismometer, recording seismic signals with periods of over 300 seconds to over 100 Hertz. Our force feedback seismometers deliver superior performance to alternative technologies such as geophones, optical fibres and MEMs.

Our broadband sensors record seismic events and signals of all kinds, from teleseismic earthquakes occuring on the other side of the planet, to microseismic events induced by humans during activities such as unconventional hydrocarbon extraction (e.g. hydraulic fracturing).

All of our sensors and digitisers are designed, developed and tested in-house by our team of scientists and engineers. We have an on-going research and development programme to push the boundaries of the instrumentation, harnessing industry innovations in data, information and communications technology.

The performance of our instruments delivers significant benefits across a range of applications and industries. 

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