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Papers and Posters

We regularly present papers and posters at scientific conferences we attend. The topics range according to the audience but they frequently demonstrate the capabilities of our instrumentation for specific applications which you may find useful if you work in a related area. Additionally, a number of our partners and customers kindly give us permission to reproduce material they have written that references our instrumentation. We display a small selection of the most recent of these documents here.

If you would like to know more about our experience in a particular field, then please contact us.

EGU18 Smart instrument networks low res


Smart seismic hardware: New strategies for networking (presented at EGU 2018)

Local seismic network WEBNET and deep borehole seismic stations within the ICDP project, published by Czech Academy of Sciences (presented EGU, 2018)

Long-term self-noise estimates of seismic sensors from high-noise vault installations, co-authored with University of Southampton and University of Liverpool (presented AGU, 2017)

Earthquake early warning: New strategies for seismic hardware (presented at AGU 2017)

Ocean bottom seismometers (presented at OBSIP Cascadia 2017)

Strong motion arrays for civil engineering (guidance paper)

Reducing digitiser latency for earthquake early warning (presented at AGU 2016 and SSA 2017)



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