Guralp solutions are widely used for monitoring dams and their surrounding area.

Our systems are used for monitoring the structural integrity and structural health of the dam itself. We also monitor local induced seismicity including initial seismicity occurring during commissioning and protracted seismicity present throughout the operating life of the dam. Guralp solutions are also used for geotechnical applications including monitoring slope stability of the surrounding area.

Guralp equipment is installed in tens of dams around the world, with some systems operating in excess of 15 years.

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hydroelectric 300x 200

structural health 210x80

Structural health monitoring

Integrity management

waste water injection 210 x 80

Induced seismicity

Initial and protracted seismicity

slope stability 210x80

Geotechnical engineering

Slope stability

land instruments 210x80

Surface solutions

Turnkey monitoring networks






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You can view our case studies to find out more about how our instrumentation is used around the world.



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