Güralp has developed an integrated service solution for well locations where hydraulic fracturing compliance monitoring is a requirement.


Güralp Event-IQ is a fully integrated solution that incorporates baseline, operational and post operation seismic monitoring. The solution includes a real-time traffic light system that will trigger if induced seismicity exceeds specific levels pre selected by the operator.

A Cost Effective Solution

The key benefits of Event-IQ is that by using technically advanced processing, we can deliver these services with a small surface array of instruments making Event-IQ a truly cost effective solution.

To read more about the Event-IQ system, view our Event-IQ brochure for hydraulic fracture monitoring. UK Operators may be interested in reading the UK version of the Event-IQ brochure which responds specifically to UK compliance requirements from DECC and UKOOG.

Other services

We also provide systems and services for monitoring waste water injection wells, including both hardware and data processing services. 

Guralp have provided frac monitoring solutions in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

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Hydraulic fracture graphic

baseline seismicity

Baseline seismicity surveys

Benchmark natural seismicity before and after operations.

traffic light 210 x 80

Real-time traffic light system

Real-time operational feedback for induced seismicity. 

frack mapping 210x80

Fracture mapping 

Optimise stimulation treatment through detailed fracture mapping. 

waste water injection 210 x 80

Waste water injection monitoring

Monitor induced seismicity during waste water disposal. 

 land instruments 210x80

Surface Instruments

Rapidly deployable networks.

 borehole tool 210 x 80

Borehole tools 

High sensitivity instruments deployed away from surface noise sources.



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