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Other Seismic Applications

In addition to serving the seismology, civil and energy markets, Güralp can also provide additional services such as temporary and permanent seismic surveys, perimeter security and for national security applications.

Our equipment and services have been used for over 10 years for policing underground nuclear tests conducted worldwide.

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Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security

Guralp provides solutions for perimeter security monitoring. Our highly sensitive instruments are used by civil and military organisations worldwide for protecting critical infrastructure and facilities.

Our low latency networks deliver real-time event information and alarms enabling rapid response to the event.

Contact Güralp to find out more about our security monitoring solutions.

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Nuclear test ban treaty monitoring

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Monitoring

There are arrays of seismometers all over the world monitoring for nuclear testing in breach of the international test ban treaty. Guralp has provided many of the seismometers for this truly global network. In addition we have been operating the UK nuclear test monitoring network for many years, where we maintain a dedicated team on site to ensure the required network availability.

Contact Güralp to find out more about out nuclear test ban treaty monitoring products and services.

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