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High-quality seismic digitiser with full 24-bit resolution

The Guralp range of digitisers offer high-quality full 24-bit resolution, designed for data quality and durability. They are available with a range of input ports, memory and communications options. A fully compliant CD1.1 authenticated version is also available.

Key Features

  • From 3 to 24 low noise 24-bit ADCs
  • Additional full-rate data channel for user signals and calibration
  • Low power 32-bit DSP 
  • Multiple concurrent data rates up to 1000 samples/s
  • STA/LTA ratio, level, external and software triggering
  • UTC timestamped data from attached GPS receiver
  • 8 environmental channels with 20-bit resolution (3 × mass position, temperature, 4 × user)
  • Full control of Guralp broadband seismometers
  • Calibration using step, sinusoid or pseudo-random broadband noise signals
  • Fully configurable using Guralp data modules and software


Model range

DM24SxEAM – 3 or 6 channel digitiser with acquisition module - Datasheet View as PDF
DM24SxEAM - 3 or 6 channel digitiser with acquisition module in robust field deployment casing - Datasheet View as PDF
DM24S3EAMU – 3 or 6 channel digitiser with acquisition module and USB memory - Datasheet View as PDF


See individual data sheets


DM24 digitiser



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