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A revolutionary, compact seismic digitiser, now available with eight primary digitisation channels

Capture, Process, Distribute. A revolution in miniature.

Introducing Minimus+, all the power and capability of Minimus but with eight primary digitisation channels.

The Güralp Minimus (four channel) and Minimus+ (eight channel) are advanced 'smart' 24-bit seismic digitisers, packed with a host of features that make them the ideal 'plug-and-play' solution for rapid deployments and multi-scale networked arrays. For Earthquake Early Warning applications, their features include industry standard triggering algorithms (STA/LTA); multi-instrument voting to mitigate false positive alerts; Common Alert Protocol (CAP) for automated emergency warning; plus they can run in ultra-low-latency mode which when used with our GDI protocol means network transmission can be achieved in 40 milli-seconds (network dependent). You can read more about our GDI protocol here.

. Key Features

  • 24-bit, four-channel (Minimus) or eight-channel (Minimus+) digitiser
  • Compact form factor -

Minimus: 134 mm x 99 mm x 45 mm and weighing just 674 g
Minimus+: 134 mm x 139 mm x 45 mm and weighing just 782 g

  • Compatible with all triaxial analogue seismic sensors with a voltage output
  • Internal MEMS accelerometer (2g)
  • Simultaneously accommodate additional auxilary input and digital feed from Radian posthole or borehole
  • Ultra-low-latency mode for Earthquake Early Warning
  • Industry standard triggering algorithms for EEW (STA/LTA)
  • Multi-instrument voting for mitigating false positive alerts
  • Common Alert Protocol (CAP) enabled for automated emergency warning
  • Identification of IP address via Güralp Discovery software platform and Cloud registry server
  • Remote instrument and data management via Güralp Discovery
  • Güralp Vü Bluetooth Android and iOS App for installation integrity checking
  • Hot-swappable data storage and dual redundant microSD cards
  • GNSS compatible with GPS/GLONASS and BeiDou protocols

Read more in the Minimus brochure View as PDF



For detailed specifications see the Minimus brochure View as PDF


Minimus new etch transparent angle






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