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 Versatile seismic network management

The NAM is a stable, robust data hub with unrivalled configurability, ideal for large or complex regional and national arrays and other multi station monitoring solutions.

As a communications hub, the NAM acquires multiple data streams from connected instruments (either local or remote, over serial or IP communications) and acts as both a data store and data transmitter.Additionally, it can deliver real-time protocol conversions to a variety of seismic formats.

For stations where access to GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) is impractical, the NAM can also operate as a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, synchronising the remote stations to a local GNSS receiver.

Key Features

  • Stable, robust and flexible for confident long-term deployments with total autonomy
  • Designed to act as a data concentrator in seismic networks, capable of acquiring data from up to 500 instruments at 100 sps
  • Control using either Web interface or the console accessed via video, serial or SSH
  • Multi-user Linux operating system
  • Ethernet LAN (10/100/10 0 0Base-T) 802.1q tagged VLAN support
  • Full TCP/IP support with PPP
  • LCD display for status information
  • 8 / 16 / 24 RS-232 port expansion options

Model range

NAM – Network Acquisition Module – Datasheet View as PDF


Operating system: Linux
Communications supported: RS232, RS422, Ethernet
Seismic network protocols: GCF (Scream!), SEEDlink (SeisComP), CD1.1, GDI-link
Form factor: 1u, 19" rack-mounted
Storage capacity: up to 12TB 





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