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High performance borehole broadband seismometers and accelerometers

Guralp provide a range of borehole instruments serving applications from global to local event detection, strong motion to microseismic monitoring. We provide both analogue and digital instruments deployable in a variety of borehole diameters.

Key Features

  • Force feedback broadband instrument
  • Radian borehole designed for quick deployment, operational at any angle
  • Wide range of sensitivities
  • Robust hole lock for installation and retrieval
  • Hybrid instruments available
  • Digital output and communication versions available

Model range

Radian borehole - Güralp Radian brochure View as PDF
3TB – Weak motion broadband seismometer – Datasheet View as PDF
5TB – Strong motion broadband accelerometer –Datasheet View as PDF
3TB/5TB - Hybrid weak and strong motion instrument – Datasheet View as PDF


Performance is specific to each instrument in the borehole model range.

Please see relevant datasheet. 


3T Borehole Seismometer



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