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Smart strong motion triaxial force-feedback digital accelerometer

Ideal for earthquake early warning and structural health monitoring, the Güralp Fortimus combines the Fortis accelerometer with the powerful Minimus digitiser in one compact unit to deliver ultra-low-latency strong motion data direct to your network. The Fortimus is simple to use, quick to install and features advanced data recording and software communications for instant instrument and data management.

Key Features

  • Low-noise components for high precision and enhanced dynamic range
  • Fixing bolt allows rapid installation for structural health monitoring
  • Variable gain options: ±4 g, ±2 g, ±1 g or ±0.5 g
  • Ultra-low-latency mode for earthquake early warning (EEW)
  • Industry standard triggering algorithms for for EEW (STA/LTA)
  • Integrated touch-sensitive 2.4 inch LCD for viewing waveforms, state of health, virtual instrument level and access to full instrument and network controls
  • Advanced network connectivity - full controls can be accessed on the instrument, via Güralp Discovery or via a standard web browser

To read the full specification, view the Fortimus datasheet. View as PDF


Configuration / Topology: Triaxial orthogonal (ZNE)
Feedback: Force feedback.


Response: DC – 315 Hz
Variable gain options: ±4 g, ±2 g, ±1 g or ±0.5 g
Clip level: 4.2 g
Peak / Full scale output: Three channels - ±20 V (40 V peak-to-peak) differential
Cross axis rejection: 0.001 g/g
Linearity: 0.1 % full scale
Lowest spurious resonance: >450 Hz
Output rates available: 1 sample per hour up to 5000 samples per second for primary channels, user selectable. Up to 500 samples per second for environmental channels.
Power supply: 10 - 36 V DC or power over ethernet (PoE)


Calibration controls: Sine, step or broadband noise, all with adjustable amplitude and frequency


Offset zeroing: Automatic on start-up and on user command


Fortimus with screen



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