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High performance sub-surface broadband seismometer with maximum versatility

At just 55 mm diameter, the Radian is the ideal subsurface digital seismometer. Available as either a posthole or borehole instrument, the Radian is operational at any angle. To ensure successful, rapid deployment, the Radian system comes with Bluetooth connectivity that shows live waveform data on our smart phone app 'GüVü' for instant installation integrity confidence. The Radian also boasts industry standard formats for data and instrument management.

Key Features

  • Force feedback, triaxial broadband instrument
  • Available as posthole or borehole variant
  • Designed for quick deployment, operational at any angle
  • Integrated broadband seismometer, accelerometer and magnetometer as standard


For detailed specifications, please see the Radian brochure View as PDF



Radian post-hole seismometer and bore-hole seismometer



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