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High performance broadband ocean bottom seismometers

Our range of OBS housings have been designed to perform at different depths via the most appropriate deployment method. Each can be combined with the sensor or sensors that will give you the dynamic range you require.

All of our OBS systems are fitted with a magnetometer to determine instrument orientation at depth to maximise data quality and your investment. To find out more about our OBS range take a look at our Güralp OBS brochure View as PDF


Key Features

  • Full autonomous operation or real time cabled systems
  • Deployable by ROV, free-fall or on a winch
  • All  OBS systems are fitted with a magnetometer to determine instrument orientation at depth
  • Option to incorporate differential pressure gauges (DPGs) or absolute pressure gauges (APGs) for applications such as tsunami early warning systems

Model range

Maris - A real-time cabled OBS, pushed or cored into the seafloor, suitable for depths up to to 6000m/19,685ft

Orcus - A real-time cabled OBS that sits fully or partially buried on the seafloor for depths of up to to 6000m/19,685ft

Breve - A rapid response OBS that is lowered on a winch into shallow water of up to 150m /492ft depth

Liber - A freefall OBS for temporary deployments in waters of up to 6000m/19,685ft

For more details on each OBS model, view the Güralp OBS brochure View as PDF


See the Güralp OBS brochure View as PDF for details on OBS capabilities and sensor performance



Liber OBS



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