Maintenance and Repair

Guralp provides ongoing support for our systems once in operation. We provide routine calibration and maintenance services for many of our networks both from our UK headquarters and through site visits.

Guralp solutions are deployed in some of the most hostile environments on the planet. Our systems are installed in places such as the artic, on volcanoes, 6000m underwater and in the presence of nature and wildlife. Given the harsh operating environment, it is no surprise that from time to time our equipment can require maintenance or repair. We provide reactive maintenance and repair services on site, from our UK headquarters and through our regional repair centres.

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repair 300x 200



Routine calibration and performance verification services

borehole PRM 210 x80

Planned maintenance

Routine remote and on site services

repair 210 x 80

Unplanned maintenance and repair

Fault diagnostics and repair




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You can view our case studies to find out more about how our instrumentation is used around the world.



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