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Calibration Data

All Güralp instruments and digitisers are provided with calibration documentation. Should you require a copy of calibration information for any product, email with the serial number of the product in the subject field. The requested calibration information will be sent to you in an email.

  • If you have multiple serial numbers, separate them with spaces, like T31234 T35678.
  • If a serial number has multiple parts, such as a 3TD with serial number T31234/A5678, separate the parts with spaces, like T31234 A5678.
  • If a multipart serial number has an EAM part, such as a 5TDE with serial number T51234/A5678/9012, omit the EAM part (which does not have a leading letter) and use only the instrument and digitiser parts, separated by spaces, like T51234 A5678.  (This is because EAMs have no analogue components so they do not have any associated calibration data).

Contact us if you do not receive calibration information within 24 hours, or if you would like further information about our calibration and quality processes.

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