GCFSplit 0.2

GCFSplit is a cross-platform tool for reading GCF files containing data for multiple streams and writing an individual GCF file for each stream. Status streams are output as plain text files.


GCFSplit v0.2 for Windows (79K .zip)


GCFSplit v0.2 for Linux i386 (84K .gz).

Note: The Linux binary needs access to the Qt runtime library (2.4M .gz), either in your normal library path or in the current directory.
Note: This 32-bit software runs on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. To install it on a 64-bit Linux platform, please follow these instructions to install the relevant libraries.


The gcfsplit program should be invoked from the command line with one or more arguments, each of which should be the path to a GCF file or a wildcard which expands to the paths to GCF files. For example:

C:\ gcfsplit input-file.gcf
C:\ gcfsplit input-file1.gcf input-file2.gcf
C:\ gcfsplit LHR*.gcf

The output files will be written to the same folder(s) as the input file(s). The name of each output file will be the base-name of the input file, followed by a hyphen, followed by the system-id, followed by a hyphen, followed by the individual stream-id and either a .gcf extension or, for streams with a zero sample-rate (such as status streams), with a .txt extension.

For example, if the file 20090618.gcf exists in the folder  C:\GCFDATA and contains data from system GSL0 for streams 100000, 1000N1, 1000E1 and 1000Z1, the command

 C:\ gcfsplit C:\GCFDATA\20090618.gcf

will create the files:

Note: The program requires the same libraries as Scream!. If you have problems with dependencies, moving the program file into the same directory as Scream! or its libraries may resolve them. Ensure that whichever directory contains gcfsplit is in your command search path.

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