Guralp stared out 30 years ago supplying instruments, however many of our customers asked us to provide complete systems. We now have over 20 years of experience in the design, delivery, installation and operation of a wide range of seismic monitoring systems.

Our systems comprise instruments, data acquisition systems, power and communications modules, interface hardware and software and other bespoke elements required to meet the needs of our customers. We increasingly deliver multidisciplinary sensor systems and have provided systems including seismometers, geophones, tilt metres, strain gauges, infrasound, pressure and temperature sensors to name but a few.

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vsp tool 300 x 200

surface systems 210 x 80

Surface systems

Permanent networks, temporary surveys

borehole PRM 210 x80

Subsurface systems

Deep and shallow borehole networks

cabled OBS system 210 x 80

Ocean bottom systems

Cabled systems, temporary ocean bottom nodes

infrasound 210 x 80

Multidisciplinary systems

Multiple sensor technologies



Batteries, solar panels, cabled connections

comms 210 x 80


Loggers, wired and wireless communications 

data management 210 x 80

Data management and processing

Loggers, wired and wireless communications, data processing and reporting

traffic light 210 x 80

Network management

Design, installation, commissioning, support, operation and maintenance

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You can view our case studies to find out more about how our instrumentation is used around the world.



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