The future of OBS systems, closing the gap on offshore seismic studies

April 2021 Webinar Series

Ocean bottom seismology has historically been defined by projects that are associated with large amounts of funding and high levels of risk, especially with autonomous sensors where the data is typically collected after deployments of several months or even a year. As such, progress has been limited in this field and to date offshore seismology is still lagging behind our knowledge of onshore seismicity.

The Güralp Aquarius is hoped to help bridge this gap by reducing deployment risk and therefore reducing deployment costs in the long terms. The system has standardized the use of acoustic communications for seismic data transfer to provide researchers with a commercial option when data is required in near real-time without the need for costly cables.

This talk will look at the Aquarius and how various projects around the world are making use of this emerging technology.


26 April 2021
4.00 pm UTC+1 (BST)

Will Reis

Global Sales Manager

Güralp Systems Ltd.
3 Midas House, Calleva Park
Aldermaston, Reading
United Kingdom

Tel: 01189 819056
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