If you can add the instrument in scream and successfully connect to it (i.e. the status changes to "Connected" in the Network Control window), the two most likely reasons for the instrument not appearing in the source tree are: The serial cable is still connected. You cannot have network and serial communications simultaneously so the network output is disabled when a connected serial device is detected. You can still connect: you just don't get any data; or There is a Baud rate mismatch between the digitiser's serial output and the Lantronix networking module's serial input. The simplest way to resolve this is: connect a serial cable from the instrument's break-out box to a serial port on the Scream PC. If a serial port is not available, please use a USB/serial adapter. From Scream's File→Setup dialogue, select the COM ports tab and identify the row corresponding to the instrument. Change the value of the Baud-Rate drop-down to Auto-Detect Wait while Scream identifies the Baud rate. (Note that this process is not guaranteed to work. If you cannot identify the Baud rate in this manner, you can try manually selecting different Baud rates and clicking Apply. There is no need to close the Setup dialogue: simply wait half a minute to see if the instrument appears in the source tree. If it does not, try a different Baud rate.) Disconnect the serial cable. This is very important, as described above. Type the IP address in the instrument into a Web browser. In the resulting page, select "Channel 2 → Serial settings" from the left-hand menu. Change the Baud rate to that discovered earlier. Click OK. Note that this does not make any immediate difference. Click Save Settings. The instrument should appear in Scream within a few seconds. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On-line 6TD Resources: The 6TD manual as downloadable PDF or as browsable HTML. The Scream manual as downloadable PDF or as browsable HTML. The Lantronix WiPort manual Frequently-asked questions. Technical Support.