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StationXML and RESP Files for the Güralp Minimus and Fortimus

The Güralp Minimus digitiser and the Fortimus digital accelerometer both generate StationXMLStationXML is a text-based file format for representing information about the sensitivity, frequency-response and phase-response of the instruments and digitisers at a seismic station. The StationXML file format was designed by the International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks (FDSN) as a replacement and extension of the thirty-year-old SEED standard, from which RESP files are derived. Please see the FDSN's StationXML page for more information. and RESPRESP files are text-files that contain information about the sensitivity, frequency-response and phase-response of an instrument or digitiser. They contain the same information as a data-less SEED volume. Please see the IRIS RESP Format web-page for more details. files for each configured channel, whether streaming or recorded. These can be downloaded directly from the web page of the digitiser itself.

These files are identical to those you might obtain from, for example, the IRIS NRLThe IRIS Nominal Response Library is a collection of generic StationXML and RESP files for a range of common instruments and digitisers. The values within each file are typical for the specific model and configuration. They are typically edited before being used so that they can include correct station and network names as well as actual calibration values for specific instruments. Please see the IRIS NRL page for more information. except that, rather than having nominal (i.e. typical) values for things like sensitivity, the exact calibration values for each individual digitiser are used. The file downloaded from the digitiser is nearly identical, just slightly more accurate. In addition, it is pre-populated with the correct station, network, location and channel codes, saving you from having to edit the file to enter this information manually.

Nevertheless, some users prefer to use nominal StationXML and RESP files. This page allows you to download such files.

Select the desired parameters from the drop-down menus below and then click the "Download" button.

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