Fracture Monitoring

Governments are increasingly imposing a legal requirement for hydraulic fracturing operations to be monitored for microseismic activity. The area of operation is monitored in real-time so that site injection rates can be adjusted dependent on the observed activity. This is usually done using a traffic light system based on the limits imposed in the jurisdiction of the operations.

Dense surface geophone arrays can be costly and can also underestimate event magnitude. Sparse broadband arrays are becoming increasingly popular with operators as they provide a cost-effective monitoring system with higher levels of data confidence. They can also be used to undertake pre-operation baseline studies.

Working with global partners we have successfully provided turnkey monitoring packages to address the
requirements of the fluid injection industry.

Other services

We also provide systems and services for monitoring waste water injection wells, including both hardware and data processing services.

Güralp have provided frac monitoring solutions in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.