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Extracting data from GCF files

The easiest way to extract data from a GCF file is by using the “View” mode of Scream.

You can save the data in any of the formats that Scream supports.


It is also possible to extract data from a GCF file using GCFinfo.

  1. Install GCFinfo on your PC.

  2. Right-click on the GCF file in Windows Explorer and select View.


    Start GCFInfo and drag a GCF file from Windows Explorer into it.

    viewing data in GCFInfo
  3. Select View → Time Section or use the mouse to zoom in until the window displays only the data you want.

  4. Select File → Save As… and choose a name for the new file.

You can also save in the other formats supported by gcfinfo, allowing quick and easy extraction of data for analysis in other applications.