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How to retrieve the messages* files from a Platinum system.


The file /var/log/messages contains important diagnostic information about your Platinum systemA "platinum system" is any system running the Platinum operating system. This includes stand-alone acquisition systems such as EAMs and NAMs, DAS units such as the Affinity and DM24SxEAM and digital instruments with built-in acquisition systems such as the 3TDE, 40TDE or 5TDE.. Historical copies of this file are saved as messages.0, messages.1 and so on. Technical support staff may occasionally request that you send them copies of these files to assist in diagnosing problems with your system. This document describes a number of ways in which you can do this. All of these methods involve first creating an archive file, which contains all of the various messages files, and then copying the archive file to a PC, from where it can be sent via e-mail.

The instructions differ, depending on your PC's operating system and whether you have a network connection (preferred) available or just a serial connection. Please choose one of the following links to proceed: