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Firmware for the DM24 mk2 Borehole

Güralp borehole digitisers manufactured between 2000 and 2005 are of this type. Firmware for these modules has a version number v.090 or v.091.

To find out what firmware version you are currently using, right-click on the digitiser's icon (not the Local or the Comxx icons) in Scream!’s main window and select Configure from the pop-up menu. This will open the Configuration setup window. The version number is given in the Software revision box.


the most recent DM24 mk2 borehole firmware, a 90K .zip file containing:

To install this firmware:

  1. In Scream!’s main window, right-click on the digitiser's icon and select Terminal from the pop-up menu:


    Check that there is two-way communication with the digitiser by pressing enter. The digitiser should reply with ok on a new line.

  2. Type re-boot to reinitialise the digitiser, and confirm with y. As it is restarting, the digitiser will report its status over the terminal connection. After a short while, the digitiser will pause. If you do not enter a command in the next 13 seconds, the digitiser will continue booting up normally.

  3. To update the firmware, type h8upload during the pause and press Enter. If the digitiser replies 8upload undefined (or similar), it has failed to receive one of your keystrokes. Type h8upload and press enter again.

  4. Once the message Ready to upload has appeared, right click anywhere in the terminal window and select Send file from the pop-up menu:

  5. Navigate through the directories on your computer and select the file to be uploaded, or type in its full path and file name. The firmware is contained in the DMBHxxxx.HEX file.

  6. Click Open.


    Whilst the file is loading, a progress window will be displayed. Depending on the speed of the link, it may take up to 20 minutes to transfer the firmware.

  7. Once the file is fully transferred, the old installation will be backed up and the new one put in place. This will take a couple of minutes. When you see the READY ok> prompt, wait for about 30 seconds, then hit enter a few times to verify that the digitiser is awaiting your input. Finally, type re-boot to restart the digitiser with the new firmware, and close the terminal window to resume data transmission.

  8. If you are upgrading from v.090 to v.091, you will also need to update the DSP code to support rotation with the AZIMUTH command.

    Power cycle the digitiser and, when it reports Rebooting with Flash in 13 seconds, type dspupload and press enter.

    Upload the allrot3.hex file in the same way as you uploaded the system code.

    When transmission has finished, re-boot the digitiser once more to reprogram the DSP.

For more information, first contact your local distributor or email .