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The guralp-builder script is used for installing Güralp Systems' Linux software packages from source. These packages are intended for advanced Linux users.

The script will download, compile and install each package that you tell it to. It will also resolve dependencies, so you need only type the name of the desired package and any requirements will be automatically installed.


Guralp-Builder for Linux (1.6 K .bz2)


Installation and usage instructions have been compiled into the Linux-tools User guide, which can be downloaded from MAN-SWA-0007

Quick start

Once you have unpacked the builder tarball, cd into the directory it created and run the update script:


This will download the latest list of packages. You can do this whenever you want to update your list of packages.

You will need to create a configuration file (currently, this only holds the directory into which everything will be installed). cd into the data directory and look at config.example; you'll need to create your own version called config.

In order to install a package, run the install script with its name. You can install more than one package at once, for example:

./ slserver scream_in

If you want to re-install a package, delete its unpacked directory tree from the var directory, and run the install command again. In fact, it is safe to delete the var and ar directories at any point (but not data).

For more information, first contact your local distributor or email .