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Firmware Upgrade Procedure for Minimus2 / Minimus Lite

This procedure only applies to Minimus 2 and Minimus Lite digitisers. These can be identified by a serial number beginning MINL- or, in Discovery, by the identifier Minimus Lite in the System column of the main display. Do not attempt this procedure with any other equipment or you may cause serious damage.


Minimus2 / Minimus Lite digitisers are not yet supported by Discovery's Firmware Update system. Firmware updates are currently only possible using the File Exchange facility. To perform the upgrade, follow the instructions below.

The Procedure

  1. Download the latest firmware build from here and save the file.

  2. Open the Discovery software and locate the digitiser to be upgraded.

  3. Right-click on the digitiser to upgraded:

    • Right-click in the LAN Address column if you can access the digitiser over your local area network; otherwise
    • right-click in the WAN Address column.
  4. Select File Exchange from the context menu:

    Selecting 'File Exchange' from the context menu
  5. The File Exchange dialog opens. Either:

    • type the path of the firmware image (the file that you saved in step one) into the Upload file: box; or
    • click the 'Browse' button and navigate to the firmware image.
  6. Type /ram/minimus2_project.bin into the Upload as: box.

    Double-check your typing. This must be exactly as shown or you risk damage to your digitiser.
    the 'File Exchange' dialog, populated appropriately
  7. Click the 'Upload' button to begin the firmware upload.

    Do not click the 'OK' button at this stage.
  8. The File Exchange dialog will be greyed out and the following notice will appear:

    the 'File Exchange in progress' window
    Do not remove power from the digitiser while the upload is in progress.

    The LED in the digitiser will glow a steady blue during the upload, which can take up to several minutes. When the upload is complete, the digitiser will reboot automatically and the LED will start flashing as normal.

  9. Use the web interface to check the the digitiser has restarted and is running the new firmware image. Once satisfied, return to the File Exchange dialog and click the 'OK' button.

This completes the procedure. In case of difficulty, please contact .