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Release notes for Güralp Discovery

Change log

2022-09-02 : version 1.1.448
This release provides stability and performance enhancements:
  • Incorrect display of the file dialogue on Linux platform fixed
  • Performance enhancements for data processing features (ie. PSD, minPSD)
  • Fixes for accessing the applets in the Registry context
  • List of devices not appearing in registry context view fixed for the MacOS platform
  • Data viewer is now able to load data from a miniseed file for a specific time window only
  • Functionality enhancements for the Aquarius deployment widgets
  • Custom units configuration for analogue channels of Minimus and Minimus+ added to the calibration editor widget
  • Improvements to the OBS locator widgets
  • Various performance and stability enhancements
2021-09-30 : version 1.1.267
This release provides stability and performance enhancements:
  • Enhancement: Enhancements in data centre acquisition software support.
  • Feature: Data viewer option to save data as miniSeed files with relevant dataless SEED metadata option is now available.
  • Bugfix [RT #27643, RT #27612]: Problem with manual option to add device to the Discovery SoH table fixed.
2021-08-04 : version 1.1.9
This release provides stability enhancements and two features:
  • Fetaure: Multiple registry server endpoints support has been added.
  • Feature: Data centre acquisition software support has been added.
2021-03-18 : version 1.0.1
This release provides various stability improvements, performance enhancements, user interface rationalising and one feature:
  • Feature: CAP Receiver functionality expanded (visual/audio alerts, report generation and data download).
2020-06-25 : version 0.7.31
This release provides General maintenance and stability improvements.
2020-03-23 : version 0.7.0028
This release provides one feature and three enhancements.
  • Feature: Device-specific network port configuration has been added
  • Enhancement: Improvements to the functionality of the device SD card storage data calendar.
  • Enhancement: the Data Viewer’s loading speed for miniSEED files and dataless SEED volumes has been improved.
  • Enhancement: general stability and memory usage improvements.
2020-03-23 : version 0.6.0024
This release provides one feature and three bug fixes.
  • Enhancement: the Data Viewer’s loading speed for miniSEED files has been improved.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problems with application display on MacOS for users using dark theme.
  • Bugfix: A memory leak while opening miniSEED files has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: The “dig v2 update button” was permanently disabled. This has been fixed.
2020-01-06 : version 0.6.0023
This release provides one feature and one bug fix.
  • Feature: Extended the list of supported file extensions when browsing for files in firmware update window.
  • Bugfix: You can now update firmware on attached devices without needing a connection to the public Internet.
2019-11-25 : version 0.6.0022
This release provides the ability to download dig version 2.0 as well as bug fixes, stability improvements and the following two features:
  • Feature: A new “Data calendar” widget gives an overview of the data stored on Minimus/Minimus+/Fortimus SD card. It also provides an option to back-fill selected stored data via a GDI-link connection.
  • Feature: Minimus/Minimus+/Fortimus firmware update to operating system in version 2.0.
2019-01-17 : version 0.5.2700
This release provides two bug fixes.
  • Bugfix: Firmware update in Windows 32bit version issues resolved.
  • Bugfix: WAN address access to Discovery functionalities issue fixed.
2018-11-26 : version 0.5.2669
This is a general maintenance release with some improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • Feature: SEED data reader enhancements.
  • Feature: Improvements in system update functionality.
  • Feature: Basic navigation buttons and page zoom selector added to the built-in web browser.
  • Feature: Blank data viewer added.
  • Feature: File exchange tool added.
  • Feature: Discovery registry server address can now be configured as hostname.
  • Bugfix: Corrected an issue arising when cancelling a file download in integrated web browser by aborting file “save as” selection.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which made is impossible to open “Help” tab in the integrated web browser.
  • Bugfix: Several random crashes fixed.
  • Maintenance: Version update for the 32-bit Windows build framework.
  • Maintenance: Internal tools improvements
  • Maintenance: “Calibration Page Editor” renamed to “Calibration Editor”.
2018-05-08 : version 0.5.1715
This is a general maintenance release with some improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • Feature for trimming miniSEED files extracted from Minimus/Minimus+ SD card after quick format added.
  • Feature for locating gaps in miniSEED files added.
  • Improved GDI connection handling to restrict amount of RAM used by the process.
  • Improved GDI data archiving.
  • Improved access to “registry-listed” devices - it is possible to access the unit by LAN address (by right-clicking on the LAN address column in “registry” mode)
  • Improved monitoring of the status of manually-added devices.
  • Improved PSD calculation on GDI streams to apply response information from GDI metadata.
  • The built-in browser now allows file downloading (Windows 64bit and MacOS only).
  • Bugfix: Incorrectly updated storage status in Discovery main window: issue fixed.
  • Bugfix: Radian orientation calibration widget crash on macOS: fixed.
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements.
2018-02-14 : version 0.5.840
This is a general maintenance release with some minor bug fixes.
  • Responder protocol extension - the percentage free space in the storage device is now included.
  • Calibration page editor - changing values is prohibited until all calibration values from digital instruments are fully retrieved.
  • The Status display has been updated and a problem with the “last contact time” has been fixed.
  • A new “Add Device” widget allows adding devices by IP address, regardless of subnet.
  • The data viewer/recorder has had some stability improvements.
2017-11-14 : version 0.4.691
This is a general maintenance release.
  • Hole-locks control updated to work with Radian firmware 4.x.
  • More intuitive icons used across the application.
  • Firmware update release notes display in the widget added.
  • Centring widget updated to give more information.
2017-08-18 : version 0.3.347
This release provides user interface updates and performance enhancements.
  • Control centre widget refurbished.
  • Minimus firmware update handling improved.
  • Registry mode stations limit increased.
  • GDI reconnection issue fixed.
  • Application crash reports generated for Windows and Linux platforms.
2017-06-26 : version 0.2.116
This release provides stability and performance improvements.
  • CAP messages receiver incorporated into Discovery.
  • Minimus network configuration edit box added.
  • New version popup notification added.
  • Crash on cancelling firmware update (when in progress) fixed.
  • Import/Export calibration values added to Calibration Page Editor widget.
  • GDI central configuration with auto-connection and subscription list available.
  • GDI data archiving added.
2017-04-03 : version 0.1.1800
This release provides a minor update in handling remote procedure calls.
  • Remote procedure calls timeout issue affecting Discovery performance corrected.
  • Enhancements in firmware update.
2017-03-17 : version 0.1.1698
This release has reimplemented the firmware update procedure and removed a number or unsupported widgets, options and menus.
  • Firmware update procedure modified to use TCP/IP file exchange (if supported by remote device).
  • Lack of console connection in “Control Centre” widget fixed.
  • Missing streams in data viewer issue fixed.
  • “Show On Map” widget content resizeable.
  • Analogue instrument section in “Control Centre” widget redesigned.
  • Unsupported actions under “View” toolbar entry removed (System information/Network/Diagnostic Tools/Console).
  • System update widget simplified.
  • Prevent opening multiple windows of same content per unit.
  • Few minor issues in “Control Centre” widget fixed.
2017-02-23 : version 0.1.1466
This release provides general improvements in stability and performance.
  • No connection to devices in “Registry” mode issue fixed.
  • Added entry under File→Settings for configuring HTTP connection port.
  • Added units in calibration page editor parameters section - units are fetched from device.
  • “Show On Map” functionality will open location map only when no QtWebkit or QtWebEngine is available.
  • These release notes have been added.

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