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Scream is a Windows and Linux application for
    Acquisition and

With Scream, you can monitor, configure and record data from an entire seismic network, including both local and remote sites.

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Obtaining Scream

To obtain a free copy of Scream, please send an email to, stating your name, organisational affiliation (if any) and equipment owned: you will receive a reply containing a download link.

This is not an automatic service and you will not receive any immediate reply. Your email will be read and reviewed by a human, so please allow at least one business day for a response.



Scream includes extensive support for TCP/IP and UDP/IP networks. It is designed to be effectively network-transparent, so users can contact and configure digitisers at remote sites as easily as those directly connected to the computer.

A network summary window monitors the status of data streams, mass positions, and GPS timing for every instrument. Scream! can also send e-mails automatically to alert station operators when problems occur.

The Scream! network protocol is supported by Earthworm’s scream2ew extension module, which is part of the standard distribution.

For more information, first contact your local distributor, email or call +44 118 981 9056.