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Scream! 4.6 released

November 2017

Güralp Systems are delighted to announce the release of version 4.6 of Scream! the leading software application for Seismometer Configuration, REaltime Acquisition and Monitoring. The new version offers improved spectrograms and WaveView windows, integration with Google Maps/Google Earth and a host of other features.

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Scream! 4.6 optionally includes version 3 of ART, Güralp Systems’ Analysis and Research Tool, a Windows program for processing and analysing strong motion records from Güralp Systems’ instruments. ART works closely with Scream! to make analysing seismic data easy. Scream! visualisation and filtering capabilities allow you to view time series and quickly identify events. Strong-motion records can then be directly imported into ART by selecting the appropriate portion of the record in Scream! and using the right-click context menu, which will automatically start ART with the selected data pre-loaded. Previously recorded data in Güralp Compressed Format (GCF) can also be read in from files and analysed with any of the rich selection of sophisticated processing techniques. Click here for more details about ART 3.

In common with previous releases, Version 4.6 will be offered as a free download. This release represents the culmination of nearly seven years of development effort and incorporates support for newer GSL equipment as well as valuable suggestions from our customers. Existing Scream! users will be notified by email of the new release; new customers should send an email to for instructions for accessing the free download, stating any institutional affiliation and the type(s) of equipment with which the software will be used.


A WaveView window with streams spaced by distance from a set point
A WaveView window with streams spaced by “distance from a set-point”

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