Earthquake Monitoring

Data from our equipment is used to advance human understanding of how the Earth's crust behaves, some examples of earthquake research that utilises data from our instruments include:

> Seismic research - understanding fundamental mechanisms

> Event detection and location - monitoring local, regional and global seismicity and aftershock monitoring

> Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) - for civil and industrial applications as well as emergency response coordination

> Seismic hazard management - earthquake monitoring as part of safety management plans

> Induced and triggered Seismicity - differentiating between natural and man made events both for commercial and national security applications

> Aftershock monitoring - information about smaller aftershocks can be used for a variety of purposes including research and emergency response coordination

Our instrumentation is available in portable units with integrated digital acquisition modules suitable for short to medium term field deployment, such as for aftershock monitoring; or as real-time, permanent networks with rapid processing and communication capability such as EEW or tsunami early warning applications.


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You can view our case studies to find out more about how our instrumentation is used around the world.



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