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Advanced Seismic Monitoring Instrumentation

Our instrumentation continues to set the industry standard in terms of both performance and technological advancement.

Our Radian sensor is the first seismometer capable of operating at any angle, this ground breaking advancement eliminates the requirement for precision north-alignment and instrument levelling common amongst all other seismometers.

Our Minimus is a compact digitiser with communications capabilities so packed full of features that it has redefined expectations.

Choose the sensor you need

We have developed several different instrument families to cover a range of monitoring applications from strong motion instruments for civil monitoring requirements to very sensitive vault instruments designed for teleseismic research.

Our data acquisition equipment can be provided either as a separate unit or integrated with our sensors and comes with a range of recording and communications options.

Our accessories assist with the installation and operation of our instruments, whilst our software is used for data interpretation; instrument configuration and network management.

Complete monitoring systems

In addition to our instruments and data acquisition instrumentation we can also provide complete monitoring systems comprising of power and communications modules, interface hardware and software and other bespoke elements depending on your requirements. We have extensive experience of installing surface, sub-surface (post-hole or borehole) and ocean bottom systems. Increasingly we have been asked to develop multidisciplinary systems incorporating geophones, tilt metres, strain gauges, infrasound, pressure and temperature sensors into our seismic systems.

Contact us to find out more about our products.

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