Induced Seismicity

We offer a variety of options for monitoring induced seismicity. We supply systems to applications including hydraulic fracturing, waste water injection, hydroelectric dams, underground storage of CO2 and gas and geothermal power plants.

Our temporary networks are widely used to baseline regional seismicity in advance of commencing operations and to monitor aftershocks from unexpected events. Our permanent systems deliver continuous event data for operational feedback and as part of safety and environmental management plans. We also provide turnkey surveys with data analysis and reporting.

You can read more about induced seismicity relating to hydraulic fracture monitoring here.

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Guralp systems are widely used across a range of mining applications including coal, salt and diamonds. Our equipment is used to monitoring mining induced seismicity and also for exploration, such as coal seam mapping.


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You can view our case studies to find out more about how our instrumentation is used around the world.



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