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Flexible seismic data acquisition module

The Embedded Acquisition Module (EAM) range consists of data recording, communications and control modules available in various cases and form factors suitable for deployment in the field.  It is compatible with all Güralp digitisers and instruments.

Multiple digitisers and instruments can be attached and controlled by a single module, with data being recorded to a removable hard disk (on peli-cased modules) or internal or external flash, either as a standalone recorder or as a backup for data communications.

Key Features

  • Low power consumption
  • Communication includes ethernet, Wifi and serial (including GSM or VSAT)
  • Remote configuration, monitoring and control via Web
  • Flash and USB storage as standard
  • Various form factors available to suit application

Model range

EAM – Standard module – Datasheet View as PDF

EAM-U - Enhanced acquisition module – Datasheet View as PDF


Communications supported: Serial, ethernet, Wifi
COnfiguration/control interface: Web browser, termainal based menus, Linux control line
Seismic protocols: Scream! (antelope/Earthworm), SEEDLink or CD1.0/1.1
Flash Memory: 512Mb
Removable disk capacity: 40Gb
Power condumption: <0.75W
Power supply: 10V to 28V DC
Operating temperature: -40 deg C to +60 deg C



Embedded Acquisition Module



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