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High performance, low noise, compact, broadband accelerometers

The Güralp 5 series of accelerometers are compact  triaxial, force-feedback instruments with a large dynamic range suitable for rapid deployment. The instruments can be supplied with built in digitisers, acquisition modules and a range of storage and communications options.

Key Features

  • Force feedback broadband instrument
  • Lifting handle and all connectors on the top of the instrument.
  • Waterproof and durable with O-ring seals throughout
  • Simple installation with a single fixing bolt
  • Digital output and communication versions available

Model range

5TDE – Digital accelerometer with acquisition module – Datasheet View as PDF
5TC – Compact accelerometer –Datasheet View as PDF
5TCDE – Compact digital accelerometer with acquisition module –Datasheet View as PDF
5U – Single axis accelerometer – Datasheet View as PDF
5TB – Borehole accelerometer – Datasheet View as PDF


Configuration / Topology: Triaxial orthogonal (ZNE)
Feedback: Force feedback.


Response: Full-scale sensitivity from 0.1 to 4.0 g, DC – 100 Hz (Other options available)
Output sensitivity / Clip Level: 4 g, 2 g, 1 g, 0.5 g or 0.1 g (Other options available)
Peak / Full scale output: Three channels - ±20 V (40 V peak-to-peak) differential
Cross axis rejection: 0.001 g/g
Linearity: 0.1 % full scale
Lowest spurious resonance: >450 Hz
Self-noise: TBC
Dynamic range: >165 dB, >140 dB for 0.005 – 0.05 Hz, >127 dB for 3 – 30 Hz


Type: Pulse, sine wave and broadband
Calibration controls: Independent signal & enable lines exposed on sensor connector


Mass control / locking: Remote offset zeroing


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