Most of Guralp Systems’ digital instruments, digitisers and acquisition units have upgradable firmware. Some firmware is updated regularly – mostly to add new features but, occasionally, to fix problems.

Here you will find links to pages containing the latest firmware revisions, upgrade instructions, release notes and other important information. The most recent changes are detailed on this page; It is recommended that you check here regularly to see whether there are any updates that you should apply to your equipment.

Most recent changes

  • Platinum build 15353 for Affinity, EAMs and NAMs – 28th March, 2017
  • Platinum build 10934+498 for DCMs – 26th September,2014
  • CD24 release v.326c (for 6TDs) – 4th December 2015
  • DM24 release 107b26 – 21st April, 2016




Firmware pages by category

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Platinum firmware is deployed on EAMs, DCMs, NAMs, DM24SxEAMs and on instruments with integrated EAMs, such as the 5TDE.

Other Platinum resources

DM24 digitisers

DM24 digitisers are available as stand-alone units, integrated with EAMs and integrated with instruments such as the 3TD and 5TD.  Note: when a DM24 is connected to or integrated with a EAM, the easiest way to update the firmware is first to update the EAM’s firmware and then use the dm24-upgrade command from the EAM’s command line.

Other DM24 resources

CD24 digitisers and 6TDs

CD24 digitisers are available as stand-alone units or integrated into digital instruments such as the 6TD.

Other CD24 resources

Legacy firmware

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