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How do I convert my data into GCF format?

Güralp software packages, such as Scream and ART, represent many thousands of hours of development time. We have always made this software available to our users for no charge. We can justify this by designing the software to work only with data from Güralp digitisers. It would not make commercial sense to also provide software to convert data from third-party formats, such as miniSEED, into GCF (although we do supply a lot of free software to convert GCF data into other formats - see the Firmware and Software Utilities⇒Software Utilities⇒File format conversion utilities page for details).

If you like our software so much that you would be happy to pay to use it with non-GCF data, we may be able to help. Depending on your input data, we may be able to convert it to GCF for you. If this is of interest, please contact to discuss your requirements.