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How to retrieve a copy of the messages file from a Platinum system.


The file /var/log/messages contains important diagnostic information about your Platinum systemA "platinum system" is any system running the Platinum operating system. This includes stand-alone acquisition systems such as EAMs and NAMs, DAS units such as the Affinity and DM24SxEAM and digital instruments with built-in acquisition systems such as the 3TDE, 40TDE or 5TDE.. Technical support staff may occasionally request that you send them a copy of this file to assist in diagnosing problems with your system. This document describes a number of ways in which you can do this. All of these methods involve copying the file to a PC, from where it can be sent via e-mail.

The instructions differ, depending on your PC's operating system and whether you have a network connection (preferred) available or just a serial connection. Please choose one of the following links to proceed: