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How to collect Scream diagnostics

If you are having problems with Scream, Güralp technical support staff may ask you to enable all logging within Scream, collect some diagnostic logs and then send the resulting files. This page describes how to do this.

  1. First, use your normal operating system tools to create a new directory (folder) into which we can store the logging information. Using a new directory ensures that there are no historical files which could confuse the diagnosis.

  2. Next, open Scream if it is not already running and select _Setup ... from the _File menu.

    The 'Setup' option highlighted on Scream's 'File' menu

    Alternatively, you can key Ctrl + S.

    This will open the Setup dialog.

  3. Select the Event Log tab, click the 'Browse' button and select the directory that you created earlier. Tick all of the check-boxes except Limit to, which should be left clear.

    The 'Event Log' tab from Scream's 'Setup' dialogue

  4. Now click the 'OK' button to save your choices and close the dialogue.

If, for any reason, you can't get to the _File_Setup ... dialogue, use a text editor (such as vi or notepad++) to edit your scream.ini file. (See locating scream.ini for help finding this file.)

Look for a Log Directory line. If it is not there, add it as below. If it is there, change it so that it reads

Log Directory=C:\path\to\logging\folder

Next, look for the ErrorOptions line. If it is not there, add it as below. If it is there, change it (if necessary) to read


then save the file and start Scream.

Support staff will have advised you to wait for a specific length of time or to wait for a specific event to occur. Once ready, stop Scream (which forces all outstanding data to be written to the log-files) and create an archive (such as a zip-file) of the contents of the logging directory. This can then be attached to an email and sent to support. You can then restart Scream and, if desired, return the logging settings to how they were originally.

For more advice, please contact