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Locating your scream.ini file

When requesting technical support, you may sometimes be asked to provide a copy of your scream.iniscream.ini is the initialisation file for Güralp Systems' Scream software. It stores the current settings and state of the program. file. There is no restriction on where this file can be placed so this document is intended to help you locate it. Once you know its location, you can simply attach it to an email.

A similar article describes how to locate your calvals.txt file, which may also be required for support purposes.

To discover the location of the scream.ini file, open Scream if it is not already running. Then, from the _File menu, choose S_ave Program State:

choosing 'Save program state' from the 'File' menu

You will see an Information box like the following:

the information box confirming the save

This Information box tells you the current location of the active scream.ini file. In the example shown, it is C:\scream\scream.ini. Make a note of the location and then click to dismiss the box.