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Locating your calvals.txt file

When requesting technical support, you may sometimes be asked to provide a copy of your calvals.txtcalvals.txt is the file which stores optional calibration information for instruments and digitisers being displayed in Güralp Systems' Scream software. It is a human-readable text file which is populated automatically under certain circumstances. It can also be edited using the dialogue described below or, when scream is not running, edited by hand using a text editor. See the Scream Manual for more details. file. The location of this file can vary so this document is intended to help you locate it. Once you know its location, you can simply attach it to an email.

A similar article describes how to locate your scream.ini file, which may also be required for support purposes.

To discover the location of the calvals.txt file, open Scream if it is not already running. Highlight the streams of interest and key enter to open a WaveView window.

Right-click on the lane header for one of the streams, as indicated by the mouse-pointer in the screen-shot below:

the WaveView window

Select Cal_vals… from the context menu:

the WaveView window's context menu

The Parameter data dialogue (often simply called the Calvals window) will open:

the 'Parameter data' (calvals) window

The top field, labelled Parameter Data From: and highlighted in blue in the screen-shot above, tells you the current location of the active calvals.txt file. In the example shown, above it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Guralp Systems\Scream4.6\calvals.txt

Make a note of the location and then click the 'Close' button to close the window.