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Upgrading CMG-DCM units with legacy firmware to Platinum firmware

Platinum is Güralp Systems’ next-generation firmware for EAMs, NAMs and DCMs. Platinum firmware offers a number of advantages for DCM users over the existing DCM firmware and we recommend that all DCM units being redeployed to new installations are upgraded to Platinum.

This page describes the procedure for upgrading a working DCM to Platinum firmware. It is also possible to install Platinum on a DCM with corrupt flash memory – see this page for more details.

The Re-imaging Procedure

This procedure is used to upgrade a DCM to Platinum firmware. It can be used regardless of whether the DCM is connected by Ethernet or by serial port (terminal).

The process involves transferring three files onto the DCM, verifying their integrity (using check-sums) and then executing one of the files, which carries out the remainder of the procedure. Once the script has completed and the unit has re-booted, you should use the upgrade facility, either from the command line or via the web interface, in order to load the latest version of the Platinum firmware. See the section on Firmware in the Platinum manual for more details. If your DCMs do not have internet access, please refer to to discuss a range of other options.

An example script to load the files, check their sums and then perform the upgrade is given below. It should be edited before use to suit your particular configuration. The script assumes that you are using an Ethernet connection with DHCP and can use the wget command on the DCM to transfer the files directly from the Güralp website.

If you are connected via a serial cable, the script below can still be used but the three initial wget invocations should be replaced with a single call to rz. The rz program will receive Z-Modem file transfers from a suitable terminal emulation package, such as Minicom or ExtraPuTTYExtraPuTTY is an extension to Simon Tatham's free (both as in “free speech” and also as in “free beer”) and highly-recommended PuTTY software, an SSH client, telnet client and serial terminal emulator that runs under Windows and Linux. In addition to all the features of PuTTY, ExtraPuTTY provides x-modem, y-modem and z-modem file transfers over serial links. ExtraPuTTY can be downloaded from SourceForge's ExtraPuTTY page. . When running the script, you will be prompted with ready to receive files, at which point you should use your emulator’s Send File command to send all three files at once. If you emulator can only send one file at a time, use three rz calls in the script.

As the procedure resets the device’s configuration, it is necessary to provide new, initial network details for use post-upgrade so that communication is not lost when upgrading a remote device over Ethernet. These are given as command line arguments to the upgrade script,

The required files are:

  2. support.tar.gz
  3. CMG-DCM-mk2x.tar.gz

If you are using Linux, you can verify the integrity of the files after download with the md5sum utility:

File MD5 sum
CMG-DCM-mk2x.tar.gz 53ea54b1623523a46829cbf0080f865a
support.tar.gz 33a8473b1c9cf6602d4c20380bb6c4b2 d1382c0b7cbe130fa85010520b7af59c

The upgrade script can run unsupervised, but you may monitor its progress by connecting a serial cable to the Data Out port at 115200 Baud. The upgrade process typically takes about 15 minutes. When it is complete, the ports will be configured as follows:

Pasteable script

If you are working from a Windows PC, you may prefer to download this script from here to avoid any problems with the carriage-return characters which Windows can add to line endings.
#!/bin/sh # upgrade DCM to platinum v2 wget || ( echo "Cannot download CMG-DCM-mk2x.tar.gz: check networking"; exit; ) wget || ( echo "Cannot download support.tar.gz: check networking"; exit; ) wget || ( echo "Cannot download check networking"; exit; ) MD5a="`md5sum CMG-DCM-mk2x.tar.gz`" MD5b="`md5sum support.tar.gz`" MD5c="`md5sum`" SUMa=53ea54b1623523a46829cbf0080f865a SUMb=ced24e396c4f71dc73683de1d5dae264 SUMc=d1382c0b7cbe130fa85010520b7af59c OKa=`expr "$MD5a" : $SUMa` OKb=`expr "$MD5b" : $SUMb` OKc=`expr "$MD5c" : $SUMc` if [ $OKa = 32 -a $OKb = 32 -a $OKc = 32 ] ; then ### Un-comment either: sh dhcp ### or (after editing - see the notes): ### sh static else echo "Checksum Mismatch! - retry file transfer" fi

This procedure install a minimal version of the firmware. Once the script has completed and the unit has re-booted, you should use the upgrade facility, either from the command line or via the web interface, in order to load the latest version of the Platinum firmware. (If your DCMs do not have internet access, please contact to discuss a range of other options.

Due to a bug in the third-party file-system driver used in earlier Platinum versions, the upgrade should be run twice. If, when attempting the second upgrade, you see the error:

bash: /usr/bin/upgrade: No such file or directory

enter the command

hash -r

and try again.

You will see a lot of error messages like

rsync: delete_file: unlink(usr/bin/crontab) failed: Directory not empty (39) cannot delete non-empty directory: lib/modules/2.6.31-balloon2/kernel/fs/jbd *** Couldn't find library for /lib/ rm: can't remove '/var/lib/Pt-users': Directory not empty

These can all be safely ignored. When the command prompt returns, restart the unit by typing

: The previous default root password is now routinely tried by hackers during brute-force attacks. As a result, this procedure now changes the root password to . We strongly recommend that you change this to something secure if the unit is to be connected to the Internet. Please see our Platinum security guide for more information.

If you have been using a web browser to communication with your DCM, you may need to clear its cache before the new web interface will display properly. Refer to your browser’s documentation for details.

See the section on Firmware in the Platinum manual for more details.

For more information, first contact your local distributor or email .