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GCF2GSE is a command line utility for converting GCF data to GSE format. This format is used by the seismic analysis tool SEISAN as well as many seismology institutions.

GCF2GSE creates files in the GSE CM6 sub-format, with extension .cm6.

GCF2ASC will only process data for a single stream (i.e. a single component at a single sample rate from a single instrument). If you wish to convert a file containing multiple streams, you should pre-process it using GCFSPLIT and then convert the resulting files one by one. See the GCFSplit page for more details.


GCF2GSE v1.1 for Windows (220 K .zip)

This windows binary uses the QT runtime DLL file qtintf70.dll. This is normally installed with Scream! but, if it is not installed on your system, you will receive an error message when you try to run this software. You can download the DLL from here. It should be placed either in the same directory as the program or in the system32 directory.


To get a list of the options, run the gcf2gse program without any parameters. The following text is displayed:

GCF2GSE (c) Guralp systems 2005 v1.1 Usage: GCF2GSE filespec [/o:output_dir] where 'filespec' must be the first parameter. specifies a GCF file or files to convert. Wildcards are supported 'output_dir' specifies a directory for converted files. if not specified, the directory of the input file is used

You can use wildcards in the file-name, so gcf2gse *.gcf will convert every gcf file in the current directory. The name of the converted file will be the same as the gcf file name, with the extension changed to .cm6.

You can configure Scream! to run GCF2GSE automatically on GCF files it produces, by setting it as a post-processor. Although Scream! can output GSE files, it will not output in multiple formats simultaneously, so using GCF2GSE as a post-processor will save you running two copies of Scream!.

To set a post-processor, open the Files tab of Scream!’s Setup window, and enter the full path of the gcf2gse program file in the Post-Processor box. Click OK to save the setting.

The /o option

Supplying a directory after /o will make GCF2GSE place all converted files in this directory.

For more information, first contact your local distributor or email .