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Platinum firmware recovery

These recovery procedures can be useful if the firmware has become damaged by a partial upgrade. If this procedure is not able to recover your unit, then the unit must be returned to Guralp Systems for reflash. If this is the case, please contact for details and to arrange an RMA Return Material Authorisation. An RMA is permission to return goods for any reason. Our Goods-In team may refuse to accept any item received without an RMA number clearly marked on the outer packaging so, please, always ensure that you have an RMA before despatching anything to us. For more details, please see our Warranty and Repairs policy.

If you have only forgotton the root password, there is no need to perform a full firmware recovery: the root password can simply be reset. Please see the Platinum password-reset page for details.

Five procedures are available, depending on your hardware and circumstances:

: The previous default root password is now routinely tried by hackers during brute-force atacks. As a result, these procedures now change the root password to . We strongly recommend that you change this to something secure if the unit is to be connected to the Internet. Please see our Platinum security guide for further information.