Freefall deployment

For fast and efficient deployment without the need for specialist ROV or diving capability

120 s - 100 Hz

With a user-selectable long-period corner from 120 s to 1 s, for a response tailored to the environment

Two-way acoustic communications

Providing wireless communication of full waveform data, State of Health parameters and triggered event notifications

± 90° tilt range

For quality data regardless of the resting attitude of the instrument on the seafloor up to depths of 6000 m (19,685 ft)

Advanced, satellite tracked, recovery system

Initialised either via acoustic link, pre-programmed time-out, or optional critical level battery trigger

Fast and easy re-deployments

Concurrent battery charging, data download and system configuration for rapid turnaround

Up to 18 months deployment

Plus, once recovered, the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries require just one hour to re-charge, for each month deployment

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Certis image


The advanced triaxial, broadband ocean bottom system is fully operational at ±90 °, making it ideal for free-fall deployment onto the sea floor. The compact size of the unit makes it suitable for smaller deployment vessels.


Transfer state-of-health parameters and noise performance plots from the
seabed, select the desired response of the sensor and measure the time offset of the digitiser.

Transmit seismic waveforms and STA/LTA triggered event data to a receiver located at the surface in near-real-time for alert applications.

Achieve up to 9000 bps data transmission between the surface and the Aquarius on the seafloor.
Minimus image
Certimus seismometer


In addition to the seismometer, Aquarius is fitted with an absolute pressure gauge (APG) and a hydrophone.

The APG has an accuracy of 0.25% of full scale and is used to activate the recovery aids when the system is approaching the surface. If desired, an additional high performance APG, essential for tsunami detection, can be incorporated.

The standard hydrophone has a frequency response of 2 Hz - 30 kHz, with the option to upgrade to an ultra-low frequency version of 100 s (0.01 Hz) to 8 kHz.


The advanced Aquarius recovery system is initialised either via acoustic link, a pre-programmed time-out or, optional critical level battery trigger.

Once activated, a burn-wire system releases the ballast and the syntactic foam around the aluminium pressure vessel brings the instrument to the surface.

A satellite tracking system monitors the instrument on the sea surface with messages from the tracking system viewable in the Discovery instrument configuration software or automatically sent by e-mail or text message.

Once tracking information is received and the recovery boat is deployed, a Discovery acoustic localisation tool calculates the slant range between the OBS and the recovery boat as it nears the expected location. To aid night recoveries, the OBS also has a strobe LED light.
Certimus seismometer


Configuration / Topology
Triaxial orthogonal (ZNE)
Maximum frequency response bandwidth
120 s (0.0083 Hz) to 100 Hz
Remotely selectable long-period corner from 1 s to 120 s
Tilt tolerance
+/- 90 °
Dimensions with buoyancy and ballast
1000 mm ∅
Output sensitivity
2000 V/ms-¹
Sensor dynamic range
149 dB
-173 dB at 10 seconds
ADC Converter
Output Format
Dynamic Range
>142 dB at 100 samples per second
Data Recording Formats
miniSEED (metadata stored in Station XML and dataless SEED formats)
Flash Memory and Storage
Dual-redundant 128 GB microSD cards. Options to increase this to 2 TB cards.
Acoustic Communication Technologies
Omnidirectional transceiver compatible with USBL systems for accurate instrument location on the seabed

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