Güralp launches Certimus, the next generation, medium-motion, seismic station
Güralp Certimus

Güralp launches Certimus, the next generation, medium-motion, seismic station

Güralp, the leading global provider of force-feedback seismic monitoring instrumentation is launching Certimus, a revolutionary new medium-motion seismic station at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting this week in San Francisco, USA.


Certimus is a complete seismic station in a single, compact package for easy, plug-and-play deployment. The triaxial, broadband, digital seismometer also features sophisticated data timing, triggering, storage and communication capabilities with an ultra-low-power mode that makes it suitable for the remotest of sites.

Certimus offers maximum flexibility for installation in challenging conditions. The state-of-the-art digital sensor can operate at a tilt range of ±90° and has a wide frequency response of 120 s to 100 Hz with selectable gain options of 1000 V/msˉ¹ or 2000 V/msˉ¹.

For scenarios such as hazardous installations and aftershock monitoring where stations need to be up and running in the shortest timeframe, the Certimus benefits from an adjustable high-frequency corner. The 1 and 10 second modes can be adjusted pre- or post-deployment and significantly reduce the settling time of the sensor.

Other features include:

  • Data can be shared via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connections
  • Streaming and storage of instrument response and calibration parameters (RESP, Station XML and Dataless SEED formats)
  • Industry standard triggering algorithms for earthquake early warning (STA/LTA, threshold);
  • Low latency outputs for early warning applications
  • Common Alert Protocol (CAP) for automated emergency warning
  • Powerful real-time data Transforms: mathematical operations applied to real-time and recorded data e.g. integration; differentiation; high and low-pass filters
  • Quick Seismic Characteristic Data (QSCD) protocol and Maximum, Minimum and Average (MMA) calculated on selected time window
  • On-demand event-specific or time-window data transmission

Integrated network connectivity allows the Certimus to be controlled remotely using Güralp Discovery, our software platform, or via a standard web browser. Discovery allows the user to identify the instrument IP address via a Cloud registry server or data centre, eliminating the need for static IP addresses. Discovery also allows for simpler instrument and data management with access to hardware State-of-Health (SoH); data viewing, streaming and back fill capabilities; advanced data analysis tools; GNSS location; instrument response and calibration values.

Certimus is encased in an environmentally sealed, hard anodised aluminium casing to withstand the harshest of environments. For surface or vault installations, Certimus has the option of Bluetooth connectivity and a multi-touch sensitive, 2.4 inch, full colour LCD which allows access to view waveforms and instrument State-of-Health (SOH) as well as to adjust instrument response settings and network configurations.

Data are recorded on dual-redundant microSD cards with the removable storage housed either within the instrument or, for instances of direct burial, in a Surface Storage Module in line with the GNSS.

An ultra-low-power mode allows for operation at less than 300 mW utilising the Portable Power Module accessory which can be re-charged using solar panels. A range of other accessories including a rugged back-pack for field deployments are also available.

Certimus is the latest addition to the Güralp next generation of smart instruments following the launch of Radian and Minimus in 2016, Fortimus in 2017 and Aquarius in 2018.

Philip Hill, Engineering Director at Güralp explains:

“Since launching Radian and Fortimus, our first digital sensors, we have been under increasing pressure to develop a surface digital seismometer with the same advanced capabilities. Being able to install at virtually any angle, adapt the high-frequency corner to suit the conditions and run it all at low-power on a battery powered by solar is what makes the Certimus a truly unique offering to the market, and exactly what our customers have been asking for”

For full details of the Certimus and to view it in action, please visit Güralp at stand 439 at AGU.

Not at AGU? You can read all about the Certimus here: www.guralp.com/certimus





Güralp (www.guralp.com) is a leading global provider of sophisticated seismic monitoring solutions used to understand natural seismological events such as earthquakes, aftershocks and volcanos, as well as induced seismic events, or seismic signals, resulting from human activity.

Our solutions are used in research, civil and industrial applications to increase understanding, optimise processes and to protect people and the environment. Our equipment is installed in all major ocean basins and across all continents worldwide.

Our instruments range in performance from very low frequency, very low noise for global seismology to high dynamic range instruments for local, strong motion monitoring. Our sensors and can be supplied for deployment at the surface, in boreholes and on the ocean bottom. We also provide data acquisition equipment, power and communication accessories and data interpretation software.

Our services include installation and commissioning; network operation; repair and maintenance services; data processing and interpretation.

Headquartered in Reading, in the UK, we have been operating for more than 30 years and have established a global network of distributors who provide local customer support and sales services.

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